About us

Established 1983, Sound Projects has earned a reputation for innovative designs and pragmatic solutions in contemporary sound reinforcement. Sound Projects pursues perfection in system design from a user concept, carefully avoiding concessions to fashion and challenging conventions if deemed necessary. Sophisticated sound reinforcement never is a limiting factor in a vocal or musical performance but a stimulating, creative and convenient tool for sophisticated engineers. In our opinion F.O.H. engineers should be relieved of futile system design annoyances, they should feel free to focus on their core profession: mix and produce ever more complex shows for an ever more demanding audience in venues that are rarely optimal for musical performances!


Sound Projects is about sound. Sound made for and by human beings. Carefully omitting simple cosmetic dress-ups or just following the hype of the day. Since 1983 Sound Projects is a distinguished supplier of sophisticated, user-friendly sound reinforcement systems that will never be the limiting factor in a vocal or musical performance. Design philosophy It should be a pleasure to work for as well as to work with us. Sound Projects R&D prioritizes humane working conditions and eco design as much as product related user benefits e.g. the interaction of the total audio chain. From performer to amplifier, loudspeaker and room. Equally important are improvements that meet contemporary ergonomic demands: logistics, transport, cluster design and install time. All of which are pressed into narrower time-slots. Our solutions are the products you will find in this brochure: sophisticated sound reinforcement and pragmatic speaker-systems.

Substantial size and weight reduction

Most Sound Projects products are smaller and less heavy than comparable competitors so rigging, transport and storage is easier for you.

Real plug-and-play

No worries on impedance, damping factor, amp configuration or
overloading amp’s or drivers. Need one more cabinet per side? Just plug-in.
Need one more again? Just plug-in (and vice versa of course).