Dreamline DL2210D


Sound Projects Dreamline™ encompasses the major benefits of a line array in a single elegant cabinet, complete with self-explanatory, adjustable suspension points.

One Dreamline™ contains 12 optimised, full range, line array systems that excel in articulate sound reproduction and predictable coverage with the reliable simplicity of a standard plug-and-play, selfpowered  loudspeaker system.

A combination of ultra-lightweight building blocks endow the Dreamline™ with superb acoustical qualities and a low weight, around 100 kg. Compliant with most standard theatre rigging points and simple hoists.

One Dreamline™ can be rigged up from, or let down in its flight-case in seconds. Hardly flexing a muscle. Sound Projects proven DALC (integrated speaker management) omits time consuming cabling and amp hook-up. Flying is playing!

The Dreamline™ delivers an unsurpassed stable audience coverage and stereo image. This is accomplished by the 12 symmetrical line source modules, based on the patented SOUND PROJECTS Wave-shape-transformer™. An immaculate power balance is delivered by the multiple SOUND PROJECTS Micro-Amp™ or cool class D modules. The finishing touch comes from the DALC speaker management that keeps the sound character stable, distortion at bay and protects the overall system.