Toverland deploys Sound Projects during Halloween Nights

Over 100 Sound Projects cabinets were used during the absolute highlight of the year; the Halloween Nights. Spreading scary music and horrifying sounds through the many  scare zones and experiences, the cabinets were scattered all over the amusement park. Technical coordinator Thijs Peeters and his crew took care of the enormous task.

Because all cabinets were spread throughout the park, amplifiers were not desirable. Therefore, the technical team opted for Sound Projects active speakers. To protect the cabinets during the 8-week period of the Halloween Nights, technical supplier Rent-All developed custom rain covers.

Amusement park
September 2020

Products involved:

ā€¢    19x Sound Projects - SP18E
ā€¢    34x Sound Projects - X-act
ā€¢    38x Sound Projects - SPX60
ā€¢    22x Sound Projects - SPX90
ā€¢    2x Sound Projects - SP215