The SP221 is an elegant self-powered sub low system that gets the maximum out of the minimum. The SP221 proves that a super sub cabinet doesn’t have to be heavy. A massive 13 layer plywood, optimally braced cabinet design loads two impressive neodymium magnet loudspeaker assemblies. Including the 2x2500 Watt ultra-light CCD amps the SP221 is an impressive featherweight of just above 100kg.

Dimensions are optimised to match international truckload size. Ergonomic, 12 point grip point layout, a combination of 8 castor positions, polyurethane coating, additional corner protection and multiple slide bars facilitate easy transport.

The SP221 will endow any kind of F.O.H. or distributed sound system with a rock solid foundation in the lowest audible octaves. The SALC (Single Audio-logic Level Control) speaker management is a proprietary RMS based gain riding circuit which maintains the tonal balance of the sound as perceived by the human ear. Especially at high levels. Additionally it protects the drivers from over excursion or overheating.

To match the desired cabinet dimensions with maximum efficiency in the lowest octave, state-of-the-art computer aided modelling techniques and acoustic calculation programs are used to precisely indicate the manifold reinforcing ribs and port tuning.