The SPX4 is a self-powered sound reinforcement system with an unrivalled efficiency / weight-ratio. Capable of generating tremendous high acoustic output with ultimate fidelity. Recommended subs are SP215 or SP218. Efficient high-fidelity drivers loaded by an optimized joint waveguide combined with a unique ‘balance-drive’ horn design deliver perfect voice projection and a punchy bass.

The combination of ultra lightweight cabinet design, neodymium magnet loudspeakers and high efficient class-D amplifiers, results in a convenient, featherweight powerhouse of 45kg only! All you need is 1 minute or less to stack up without back-aches or power lifting and plug in the on-board connector cables. Compared to the majority of comparable systems the SPX4 is a relieve to handle, lift and stack.

Conventional stacking on an SP215 or SP218, brings the SPX4 HF horn immediately positioned at the right height (2.2m) to guarantee unhindered HF projection. EQ time to adapt to room and/or taste is fun not an obligation. Regardless of program, most reported and noticeable discovery by F.O.H. engineers is that they tend to leave the house EQ flat.

Sound Projects’ Nano-armor™ coating protects your valuable system against heavy weather, dust, etc. It’s easy to clean, durable, and non-reflective. Minimum power consumption and ultra efficient Class-D amplifiers further reduce transport size and transport weight to a minimum.