To maximize the acoustical advantage of a line array sophisticated technology is needed. To maximize user-satisfaction, handling the line-array should be as simple
as child-play. How does SOUND PROJECTS Linex™ achieve this? With a perfect blend of the following features:

Maximum SPL physically possible. 144 dB peak throughout the speech-band
Due to it‘s ultra compact vertical configuration of the HF sections the available output-level per array length are unsurpassed.

Multiple driver design warrants immaculate audio quality and minimal distortion
Each Linex™ enclosure comprises no less than eight neodymium drivers in a 3 way configuration.

Optimum enclosure dimensions facilitate economical logistics
Linex™ has been designed to enable in house connection of 3 or 6 cabinets in a truckpack sized flightcase. Enhancing transport efficiency and greatly reducing on the job rigging time.

Minimum weight. With just under 40 Kg, Linex™ is easy to handle, easy to fly No compromises are made on weight reduction. The use of proprietary carbon-fibre composite enclosure, neodymium drivers and aluminium-alloy rigging hardware.

Sublime flying hardware
Each Linex™ enclosure comprises fully integrated, comprehensible, heavy duty flying hardware with precisely the right number of angle settings. Not too many, not too few, underscoring Linex™ down to earth approach.

Simple and pragmatic software assistance
Enter the measurements of the venue, the audience and rigging position. Enter your available Linex™ inventory and SPArC™ will give you all the relevant installing, rigging and acoustic information.