The SOUND PROJECTS X-tender is an unsurpassed light weight and low profile self-powered loudspeaker system. The rounded, sleek cabinet design easily merges into any stage set up. A near perfect balance between frequency and power response allows a very high gain before feedback. A very efficient 15-inch low frequency driver effectively loads a 3-inch diaphragm compression driver. The custom coaxial transducer configuration is carefully tuned to a 80° point source to effectively dampen potentially harmful peaks.

In monitoring situations the X-tenders performs with a smooth tonal response providing exceptional immunity to feedback. The smooth off-axis roll-off presents a comfortable and predictable sweetspot for the performer. A convenient feature for vocalists, the monitor mixer and stage crew. The X-tender can be used in two specific floor monitor working angles; relative to the floor a 30° angle for short throw and 60° angle for long throw on deeper stages.

The integrated singlehand carry handle and its low weight of 19 kg (less than 40 Lbs) make the X-tender a pleasure to move around. Even carrying two floors at a time is no problem, saving time and manpower. The bracket (optional) extends the versatile use of the X-tender. With the included polemount it easily turns the X-tender into a fullrange F.O.H system. And without the polemount the bracket facilitates to rig the X-tender underneath a truss or (balcony)ceiling.